Why Skating Is So Freaking Good For Your Surfing

Surfing is so goddamn difficult. Damnit!

It’s not like skateboarding where the conditions are always the same, where you can practice the same tricks over and over again until you get it. In surfing, the conditions are never the same. And this is one of the factors that makes it so challenging and time-consuming to learn.

Granted, there are days when everything just clicks and you find yourself riding some of the best waves of your life. Meanwhile, the very next day you’re in complete shock. You have no idea why you can’t even get to your feet all of the sudden, kooking it the whole time, and wondering if you completely forgot to surf overnight.

If you aren’t lucky enough to surf every day and keep that consistency up, you’ll need to find some way to keep improving your skills.

This is where skateboards should become your new best friend. Why’s that? Well, skating shares many of the fundamental elements of surfing, allowing you to practice over and over, regardless what the surf conditions are doing.

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