Kaltik K Skate Jr With Freestyle Frames – Pink

Kaltik made a brave move to enter the boot market with a Junior skate back in 2017. Today, it’s our best selling, most reliable and most diverse junior aggressive skate!

The Kaltik K Skate Junior is size adjustable across three sizes in each range (small and large). The extendable system is easy to use and robust, and ensure longevity as children’s feet grow.

The K Skate is ‘trick ready’, complete with a supportive cuff, a unique and slidey soleplate and Kaltik Freestyle frames. The Freestyle frames make learning tricks accessible and fun. The frames’ h-block (middle section) provides a wide space to land on grind tricks, as opposed to having wheels in the middle which can get stuck.

This is an excellent option for anyone learning to aggressive skate that wants longevity out of the skate whilst they are still growing.