Why Start Surf Skating

Better balance on the board. The position on the surf skateboard is very similar to that of the surf board. The positioning of the feet, the inclination of the body, the compression and the extension of the knees represent the same position as when pumping on a surfboard. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend surf skating to every surfer.

A surf skate helps you achieve a better posture on the board. Good posture affects the behaviour of our surfboard. The posture is simple: feet apart, shoulders and upper body slightly turned towards the board nose, knees slightly bent, arms loose and hands pointing forward. The key: know your starting position and integrate it into your surfing process. You can practice this posture again and again with a surf skate. Without having to wait for a wave. Once you’ve automated this posture, it’s easier to guide it from the road to the water.

Zero Gravity Is The Perfect Skate Pump

Surf makes a lot of fun aside from all the benefits we’ve told you so far, surf skating is a super fun activity. It’s a good change from surfing.

For example, if you are a freezing out in the water or your face feels hot from too much sun, then practicing with the surf skate is a good balance. Furthermore, surf skating is also a particularly simple and time-saving activity; you just grab your board, drive off and have fun.

A new generation of surfers are growing and not everyone has the opportunity to surf all year round. Their passion deserves a new platform to practice on and make progress training. Do it with a surf skate. 

Zero Gravity Surf Skate Programmes Starting October 3rd

We have an exciting 6 week Surf Skate programme and ready to launch this super exciting skate programme this October. All booking can and will be made through our booking systems right here. We are offering an all inclusive package, including the 6 Week programme, your brand new Surf Skateboard, helmet, and all the protection including, knee, elbow and wrist guards.

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