The Dream Come True

Aggressive inline skating is a sub discipline of inline skating in the action sports canon. Aggressive inline skates are specially modified to accommodate grinds and jumps. Aggressive skating can take place on found street obstacles or at skate parks

Aggressive Inline Skating

It was aggressive rollerblading that lead us on these wild tracks of having our own indoor skating facility right in the heart of Sligo

Always Changing The Game Up

Theres is no doubt Zero Gravity has changed its layout over the years, especially since Covid hit. Being a professional Carpenter has helped Neville improve the skatepark over the years, with massive changes came over the Covid lockdown phase. Changing our lower bowel area has really improved the follow of the skatepark and open up new lines to ride and to separate the areas to suit any standard from beginner to advanced levels.

Roller / Inline Skating Programmes

At Zero Gravity skatepark we offer multiple lessons, sessions and programs we run for skating, for the absolute beginner level right to advanced training. With Neville having over 20 years professional skating experience across Europe holding down sponsors mainly Kaltik Hardware, fast forward we are stocking Kaltik Kids skates and products right here online.

Cleveragh Business Park,
4 The Back Ave, Cleveragh, Sligo, Ireland

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