Dakota Schuetz: A legend in the word’s true meaning

With his three World Championships and over 40 pro wins in his career, the 21-year-old Dakota Schuetz, aka Kota, has already cemented his status as a legend in the world of competitive scootering.

Riding no less than 4-6 hours a day, Dakota always tries to push the boundaries of what’s possible to do on a scooter. This has earned him the nickname “The Machine” and has paid off, as he is not only a triple world champion but also a Guinness Record holder of most backflips in one minute.

The KOTA Inc. Scooter Range

Kota has done an enormous work to promote competitive scootering by sharing his passion for the sport with millions of people all over the world, inspiring young kids to start riding scooters. Now he has taken things to the next level and designed a series of freestyle scooters together with the best manufacturers around