Zero Gravity Skatepark Skateboard Session

We had the pleasure of hosting a pre opening skateboard session at our new Zero Gravity Skatepark. We had some of the best skateboarders in Ireland descend on Sligo to rip up the new park. Very happy to have our ramp builder Mike Keane back down to have a proper session of the masterpiece he has created for us, was nice to meeting some of the older crew and the crazy Gary Kavanagh from Monster Energy. The DSB Derry crew dominated the park with brilliant tricks from all the lads, the vert wall gap has been crowned by David Diamondz and he nailed it with so much style. It was a great day skating by all and really glad you all loved the park. We would like to thank Adam Brown for the sweet edit he made of the day. Really looking forward to the grand opening, we will be posting the dates soon.


Dee Diamonds - Backside carve

David Diamondz – Backside Carve Over Door


Dee Collins - Back smith Grind

Dee Collins – Backside Smith Grind

Zero Gravity Edit From Adam Brown