Zero Gravity – Expanding park!

Final missions in Galway to take apart this bowl

I’m 25 years in the extreme sports industry, all my life dreaming of my own indoor park, 10 years in plan, and 7.5 years trading!.
It’s a tough businesss at the best of times, and believe me sometimes the weight is on my shoulders heavy. But all I can do is move forward and thrive to survive. I’m soooooo grateful for all the support over the years from all our customers!.
I’ve built an indoor skatepark, I’m tearing apart another indoor park, to rebuild again in Sligo.

Let’s keep going and make stars outta these little ones, it’s all about the kids, progression, confidence, learning new sports, communication skills and so on. Zero Gravity is the place to be.
I’m proud it’s me that’s doing all for you guys!. I’d have 10 parks built before anyone in the council raises the issue of an outdoor park, just google the average rain fall in Sligo!.

And a very special thanks to Una my saviour, I’d be outta here if it wasn’t for you, forever grateful❤️
Support your local guy with a wealth of knowledge in these sports!. See you guys Friday.