Why SUP?

Why SUP? | 5 Reasons to Try Paddling

We know the looks too well–from searing smirks of dissatisfaction, to curious eyes flashing with amazement–those who don’t standup paddle seem to see us as silly, kooks, yuppies, burdens, etc. They may look on and judge, but that’s just because they haven’t ever felt the unequivocal joys of paddling before. Do you remember life before SUP? Would you have ever believed you could have so much fun paddling? Probably not. But beyond the fun factor, standup paddling is enriching for a plethora of different reasons. So the next time someone asks why you SUP, here are five reasons so you quip back, “Why not?” —Shari Coble
Physical Fitness

Standup paddling is an awesome workout, which is one reason why top athletes from various sports use SUP to cross-train. Whether standup paddling, SUP surfing, practicing SUP yoga, SUP pilates or SUP Barre–you’re engaging muscles, burning calories, increasing your heart rate, and getting those endorphins pumping. Standup paddling forces you to activate muscles from your shoulders down to your toes, so you’re truly getting a full-body workout–even during the light paddling sessions.
Mental Health

Being out on the water, surrounded by nature and its beauty is scientifically proven to help you relax. While we know we’re happy post-paddle partially due to those endorphins, tuning out the stresses of everyday life during your SUP session naturally helps you unwind. Standup paddle for a healthy approach to giving your overworked mind a break.

A fun—and safer—way to SUP is to share the time with friends. If you and your pals aren’t into just cruising, there are plenty of social SUP activities supervised by professionals, from SUP tours that include winery and brewery stops, to group SUP trips, SUP-related festivals, and even kids’ summer SUP camps. There’s endless opportunity to make lasting memories when you have a paddle in hand and friends alongside.

The competitive side of SUP is strong, with races held year-round and worldwide. There’s a competitive event suited for every type of standup paddler, including river races, SUP surf contests, downwind races, and sprints–all with varying board classes, age and skill level divisions. Friendly and serious competitive events can be found near you by checking out the Event Calendar.

SUP allows us the adventure of exploration and discovery, the ability to travel great distances and far-reaching places we’ve never laid eyes upon. The sport offers the opportunity to experience new thrills in once tired places, while invigorating our souls with the excitement of the unfamiliar and the unknown. From exotic countries to our local waterways, standup paddling gives people the chance to explore the world from a different perspective.


Why SUP? | 5 Reasons to Try Paddling