Surfskating is quickly becoming one of the most popular board sports

Surfskating is quickly becoming one of the most popular board sports for a reason: it’s downright addicting!

Surf Skating enthusiasts everywhere will give you an endless list of why you should pick up this sport.

From helping surfers better their balance, surfing technique, and coordination to enjoying a ride around your city without the rigidness of a traditional skateboard slowing you down, the benefits of surf skating are countless.

Surf conditioning

If you’re a surfer, it can be difficult to train. Flat days shut you down, and even on good days you spend most of your time in the water, rather than actually surfing.

Surfskating gives you the ability to train for surfing and to condition your body for surfing.

It starts with learning to drive your body to generate speed. Like surfing, surfskating is all in the upper body, primarily the shoulders and hips.

On a surfskate, you can practice the surfing motions for as long as you want without depending on the waves to cooperate.

Improve your skating style and flow

Skateboarders and longboarders all have different styles of skating. We even view the terrain we’re skating through the lens of our skating style.

Skateboarders look for curbs, rails, and other urban obstacles they can use for tricks. Longboarders look for long cruising stretches.

Surfskating opens up a whole new world. You can cruise like a longboard, but you can also carve like you’ve never experienced before. You can cover urban ground in a way that’s not even possible on a skateboard or longboard.

Surfskating makes you a more graceful skater and puts you in a flow that can’t be achieved on a skateboard or longboard.

Improve your balance and control

Surfskating provides you much-needed foot positioning practice, pumping of the board with your knees and feet, and improvement of bodily incline.

The training provided by surfskate boards is why surfers recommend using it to improve your balance on a surfboard.

Improve your coordination

By practicing the core main maneuvers of surfing–pump, bottom, and top turns, and cutting back–your coordination naturally improves. Surfskating replicates this process repeatedly while cruising on sidewalks and asphalt.

Have fun!

All practical reasons aside, the most important reason to surfskate is the same reason why we get into any board sport: to have fun!

No other board sport gives you quite the same feeling, control, flow, and freedom that you feel when you’re surfskating.

If you’re ready to start surfskating, the first step is to choose your surfskate. To choose the perfect surfskate for you and your unique riding style.

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