Red Bull Terminal Takeover

Congrats to Rukus for winning Red Bull Terminal Takeover 2022

Skateboarders are known to look at everyday objects through the lens of what could be done on a board. At an airport, the ordinary traveler sees a regular baggage claim. A skateboarder? They see a prime metal ledge.

For the second year, the old New Orleans airport will transform into the ultimate destination for park and street skateboarding. Vacant concourses will take on new life as skate runways and old benches will get an edgy upgrade.

On April 15-16, eight crews from 7 states will meet up at the old MSY Terminal for the ultimate skate jam and content sessions. Once finished, each team of 4-5 skaters and 1 filmer will submit a video compilation of their team for a fan-sourced vote. The winning team will receive prize money for the organization of their choice.

What’s it like skating abandoned airport? Check out the video below for behind-the-scenes look at last year’s Red Bull Terminal Takeover.

Check video here: