Miami Heat: The FMI2 Report

On April 2nd, bladers from all over converged on Miami, Florida to support Franky Morales and his second-ever Franky Morales Invitational event. With the first event taking place just five months ago in November 2021, Franky is wasting no time making his mark on the US competition scene. And fortunately for us and all of you, among those in attendance was Steve Steinmetz, who’d jumped on a flight out of San Diego with the Red Eye Wheels crew and put together this whopper of an event report. Now strap in to relive standout moments from Demetrios George, Wake Schepman, Diako Diaby, Korey Waikiki and more, then make plans to get to Miami for the next FMI, which we’re sure will be announced soon!

* * * *

Blading got another chance to shine in Miami, Florida, with the 2nd Franky Morales Invitational. The event took place during spring break for most people, and unfortunately, there were massive flight cancellations for travelers across the country/world resulting in a few confirmed riders missing the event. Nevertheless, fans/friends/sponsors and skaters alike went all-in to support Franky’s vision.