Dan Robinson interview

What’s in a name? Well, to Dan Robinson, the blader formerly known as Dan Collins, it’s a symbol that can show respect to family relations as decided by the bearer. Which is a cool idea, kinda like taking a few years to travel and live your best life—which I exactly what Dan’s been up to, including spending time in Barcelona, getting photos and making this edit. We wanted to know about the name switch and get the skinny on the new footage, so Dan was kind enough to answer our questions to bring you this look behind the lens. Enjoy!

* * * *

So Dan, your new edit is up under a different name, why the change?
Previously I’ve been known as Dan Collins, which is my dad’s name, but I’ve decided to switch to Robinson, which is my mum’s original surname. My parents separated when I was a kid so I could’ve changed it anytime, as my mum did fairly early on, but it’s only started mattering to me more recently. It’s a nice way to honor my late grandparents who I was very close to growing up, and I feel a much stronger connection to that name so it made sense. There’s been a fair bit of confusion but people are getting used to it now.


You’ve been traveling around for a while, what led you to Barcelona and how long did you stay?
For sure, we’ve been traveling for a couple of years now and had a great stint in the States, mostly spent in Austin, Texas. We planned to visit the UK again to see family and friends before a semi-permanent move to Australia later this year. It was still winter in the UK though, so we thought it wise to wait it out in Barcelona for a few months until summer for our UK visit. 89 days to be exact.


A Dan By Any Other Name…