Girls Only Sessions

The first batch of Zero Gravity programmes are now finished. Keep an eye out for the new upcoming programme dates soon.

We hold Rollerblading very close to our heart here at Zero Gravity with owner Neville Dunbar dominating the aggressive skating scene from a very young age, and still to this day.

Over the 6 week programme, we will take your child from a complete beginner to being a confident skater. Over the weeks you will be learning the basis of skating, skatepark ettiequte, how to roll, how to brake, along with progressing to skating the banks and ramps and hopefully we’ll all be dropping in on Week 6.


Please note we do not carry rental Roller skate sat Zero Gravity, just inline for the moment. You are more than welcome to bring you’re own pair do, or perhaps go for the all inclusive package and keep the skates or ask for inline skates if needed.


If you are booking our all inclusive programmes please drop into out shop to confirm skate sizes, helmets and protection so all can be ready for you first skate with us.

Our all inclusive was a big seller at our recent Roller-skate programme with some of the prettiest skates to choose from. Again we have some great deals on skates through our online store. or save big with the all inclusive package including the 6 week programme, skates, helmet and all the protection. 

  • Learn the foundations of Rollerskating
  • Fully supervised coaching
  • Skatepark etiquette, safety rules with the skatepark
  • Learn all components on Rollerskates
  • How to get started rolling with correct foot positions on flat surface
  • Learning to balance and get rolling on the skates
  • Learn to skate the banks and quarter pipes
  • Dropping in on our ramps is the major goal
  • Mega fun Rollerdisco on Week 6
  • Meet new friends, build better balance and learn new tricks
  • Build confidence and communication skills

EVERY THURSDAy starting October 6th

Book now for an unforgettable experience 


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